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HMD’s CPO today announced that Nokia 7 plus will be the first Nokia phone to receive Android Pie, with the official rollout scheduled for September.

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Hello All, Any update on the date when will be getting the Android 9 to Nokia 7 plus devices?
Let's wait for end of this week... Eagerly waiting for Android Pie Update...!! 
I think android pie update will come in the next month as they already rolled out their September update quota of android pie dp4 (stable version) with September security patch.
It will come by the end of this month or week as the developer portal had been cloeed and only manual rollback is possible now. About the monthly SP, there can be 2 SP updates once in a month as in case of both july and august.

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I've heard that Android 9 Pie with September patch is launching in September but I won't hold my breath as I only received August's patch on September 15th.
I received the september patch on android 9 before the 10th of this month. I think it's carrier and location dependent. So that's why you recieved it very late..
Just an email saying thank you to beta testers and that the developer preview is finished with full release imminent.

Exactly: "Many thanks for being part of our very first Nokia phones Android™ 9 Pie developer preview program. With your valuable feedback, the release will soon be ready and available to millions of users."

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