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Camera Update sucks

After recently updating camera app interface is fine. But where is monochrome mode? Where is OIS mode? And the camera keeps on trying to zoom and I can feel the camera vibrating. Don't know what to do. Stops automatically after 5 mins... Any one else facing it?

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I am not able to take picture from front cam.

Bullshit update. Too many bugs. Uninstalled in 10 minutes after updating

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There is no live bokeh mode in rear camera, when i tried to switch to manual mode camera app crashes. Hdr is now fully automatic. So i tried manual mode in front camera there is no iso and shutter speed. They just ruin the camera app. Thank you HMD global

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The new camera apps has some new feature, that does not work. Although I can still take pictures. Low light sensitivity still remains as an ongoing issue.
A terrible update. The camera was quite sad in the first place. This update just made matters worse. I am ruing the day I sold off my solid OnePlus 3T and bought this lemon.


Hi all,I merged this topic to this one>here<.