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Automatic Shutdown

Guys i bought the nokia 6 ten month before and from the beginning i am facing problem with this phone. 

1. headphone jack was not working and the service person were replace the motherboard. That time some hardware has been changed. the SIM adaptor contain IMEI no which was replace by a blank adaptor. 

 2. mobile some time getting automic shutdown and after 2 days it is completely off means dead and it is not getting ON. when we visit to service team , they told me that product is out of warrany. when we showed him bill and date of purchase then he told me that we are not working on behalf of your bill. if it is showing out of warranty means it is. How irresponcible they are?

within 10 month everything is gone. no durability, no performance, not even a good quality of hardware, no support and no responsible. i am totally fade up with such a things. now we will have to move for consumer form and lets see the better solution.

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