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Micro scratches on screen

I know this is probably a tale of 'should have used a screen protector' but hear me out. I purchased a Nokia 8 earlier this year, and was pleased by the talk that the Gorilla Glass 5 screen was very durable, and seeing as my previous phone (a 2015 Samsung Galaxy A3) had GG4 and owned it for over 2 years with no scratches whatsoever. However, despite just standard everyday usage, I've noticed a number of tiny scratches on my Nokia 8. This may be just something in my pocket, and maybe the occasional combination of it with a set of keys occasionally, but seeing as the phone has had no more wear than my previous I am still very surprised by the damage. Anyone else note issues with the durability of the phone screen?
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 Keys wont scratch it but grains of sand and grit certainly will.

Touch wood mine has been fine.

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