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By when 6GB Variant of Nokia 6.1 Plus will be available in India?

I was eagerly waiting for Nokia X6 aka 6.1 Plus launch in India. I am a big fan of Nokia and as Nokia just announced Launch of Nokia 6.1 Plus in India with Pre-order open with shipment date of 31st Aug, 18. But I am interested in 6GB Variant. By when will it be available in India?

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pls confirm the availability of 6GB variant in INDIA...............

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 Hello, the 6GB RAM variant of the Nokia 6.1 Plus was never announced. The device is launched so far in Hong Kong, Taiwan and India. In none of these countries was the 6GB variant released.
So, the 6GB variant will only exist in the Nokia X6 which is for China. This is the same as how Nokia 7 Plus has a 6GB variant which is only sold in China.

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