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Camera quality worst with new version

Updated Camera Nokia 7 plus today New version make disappointed me. * Photo quality (Rear / Front) camera went worst not like previous version. * Still Live Bokeh mode not focus correctly. * Google lens and motion working fine. * Carousel Design working fine only limited Design currently available. * Video I didn't try, don't know what went wrong and good. In my point of view is main photo quality went worst. It's not 12 more photo shot. Request to fix the issue otherwise revert back this update.

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Inspite of such a good camera hardware, the software is a big let down. This has been a weak link for Nokia. Please upgrade the camera for better images. The current update instead of focusing on google lens and motion should have been on better camera quality. 

True. After the update camera performance is degraded alot. Switching between various modes is now very difficult. For instance you are in Panorama mode and want to switch to time lapse it's like switch each mode to reach time lapse. Earlier it was an option which you can select. Also Selfie in bokeh mode is poor now. It's first capture an orange screen before capturing images. I first thought is that shutter speed which has kept slow? It's very slow responding in bokeh mode. No HDR option. Video recording is degraded. Low light image capturing is also poor. Seems update rolled out without comparing previous version. Anyway to rollback to previous version?
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