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Why can't hmd provide treble support as well? Oneplus has very recently provided Treble Support via OTA to its 5/5T nougat shipped devices. So why can't hmd do it? Also hmd has PROMISED bl unlock as well and has not provide with a method yet. Lastly yesterday's fiasco with the cam app show as all that hmd cares more for bulk of smartphone models rather than the end customer support and satisfaction. Please if you care, provide Treble, a decent camera app withou that horrible eis in video mod and working pro mod and a bl unlock method.

Juho Sarvikas ‏Verified account @sarvikas

Treble requires 2 conditions to be met:

1) Adapt to the new Vendor Interface implementation

2) Standalone Vendor partition to contain Vendor Implementation Nokia 8 does not have separate Vendor partition in ROM space and the partitioning cannot be done OTA.

Perhaps provide a method to enable it? So for those who love to do so have a way to do it.
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