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How can i cancel my order of Nokia 6.1 plus?

Please some one tell me How can i cancel my order of Nokia 6.1 plus? Cancel button not working. its grey

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Hi, Contact customer care support executive and request them to cancel an order when they mention 4hour cancelation policy than tell them there isn't any policy mentioned for order cancelation prior to 4hour of order. You can cancel your order if it isn't shipped as mentioned in their seller policy. Also, tell them to raise complain of order cancelation.

They have canceled my order.


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 I also have same question.

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Hi all, 

please contact the support >here< for questions concerning orders. They can assist you with the cancelling as well.  

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@lkumar4 Did you found any solution?

Calling customer care might help.
I also wanted to cancrl my preorder for nokia 6.1plus.But I am not able to do so l.Don't wanna know why?? I will tell you. I cotact nokia customer care .When I asked them pls cancel my order.They told me that There is policy of Hmd global that after making online purchase through nokia website you can only cancel order with in 4 hours.After 4 hours your cacel button will disappear and you will never ever be able to cancel the order.Even if you deny to recieve the order it will not be cancelled and you will not get your refund.Then I ask thrm what if i recieved the order and after that I opt for return.Thrn they told me that you can return if product is defective but in no case you will get your refund.Means if you get the defectice product(and if not also) they are going to send you replacement but no cancellation and refund.So you got the window period of 4 hours to cancel your order.But it is seriously unfair to not mention such policy directly to the website or via email when someone purchase something from them.So I am struck with my order and only option that I got is to recieve and use that mobile silent.Don't dare to even think about cancellation and refund.

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user1534845874983, Thats very bad. Did they inform this when you were pre-ordering that after 4 hours you cannot cancel?

 Thats bad. :(

no they didn't give me this information in any way.

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user1534845874983, I got exactly same reply from customer care but i opted COD so i will not accept courier no matter what. After 31 august they will start shipping orders and we will get courier company name. we can mail courier company that we want to cancel order with order number and there is minor chance that they will cancel order. i will do the same. Let's try our luck

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kash maine bhi opt kiya hota cod. I have already made the full payment to them.Now I am struck

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Read this. Here clearly mention that if cancel button not showing then we can refuse order at time of delivery. it's nokia website

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One thing I want to mention here that when I contacted customer care they told me that you can cancel your order within in 4 hours after purchase.They told me that you can see our policy it has been mentioned there.But when I read there policy It is not mentioned anywhere. Instead of this there is written that one your order get processed by the seller you will be unable to cancel the order.Now my point is that They will start to dispatch mobiles from 31 st august. So till 31 st august no order will be get processed,so on what basis they removed cancellation option ,even without giving prior information regarding this to us.The seller name is Digilife Distribution & Marketing Services Limited from Delhi.Actually its not fair to do so without properly informing the customers.
there is something fishy about the seller.I dont think any company will keep such type non customer friendly policy.
If someone bacome able to cancel there order till now by anymeans ,then pls tell us here.We desperately want to cancel our order.

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