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Preorder discount

Is there any discount on preorder price of nokia 6.1 plus in india

 No there is not. Ideally the pre-orders should be pricier, rather than being sold at a discount.

Agreeing to "singhnsk" that Pre-Orders are costliers.

However, these customers get it ahead of others.

If Nokia ensures Delivery happen on the day or day before general Sale opens up, buyers will see incentive in Pre-Ordering.

Only incentive is, Pre-Orders will be delivered before Regular Sale.

Agreed with "singhnsk". Normally, Pre-Orders do not have discount. Only incentive is, such customers get their hand on the phone ahead of others.

 @Nilesh Shah, but Nokia already made it clear that pre-orders will ship on 31st of August.

@singhnsk, Agreed. The incentive I had specified is my personal view. Else, why would a person pre-order (from business context)?

 @Nilesh The only incentive I see as of now is about availability. Because if the Flipkart one happens to be a "flash sale" (which I hope will not be), the device will be a hard to buy thing. So, pre-order in this case gives an easy access to the product which is definitely a great thing.

Will agree with you "singhnsk". Probably for some one, it makes sense to try their luck first on Flipkart and if it is unavailable then come back to Nokia and Pre-Order (since Pre-Order is open till end of the day 30th).

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