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August Security Patch

7 plus running on Android P DP 4 haven't received August Security Patch as other 7 plus have received it. Any idea what's happening?

Here, I didnt get the update for DP 4. I only have DP 3 with last months security patch
You can download it via OTA or Manually. Just like the DP3 visit Nokia Developer Preview site. It was updated on August 8 and has July 5 Security Patch.
I just did it two days ago as i requested the full update over the air and still says DP 3.1. I asked for the update over the air and downloaded successful. And this is the 2nd time i do this and still the same thing.
That's weird. Maybe you can try this for one last time if it works that's well and good or else wait for the official release. As Nokia officially said that Android Pie Official update will come to Nokia 7 Plus in first half of September and later for other devices.
@rahul I asked this to Nokia chat support and they didn't even have the idea that the stable version of android( 8.1) has already received the august patch,so you can understand their knowledge about developer preview
Fantastic, thank you for trying to help :)
@sameer something is wrong with Nokia Support 15 days ago i contacted them regarding my earphones which i got with the mobile was nit working properly. They gave me reply to run my mobile on safe mode and to run testing and then visit Nokia Center to Update Software. Why the hell on earth i will update my software if my earphones are defective. Wierd HMD.
@rahul yup seems so,an off topic question have you updated your camera app ?does it perform better on DP4 or is it same as the stable version,,?
Sameer i did receive the update a few hours ago so I'll check the camera in outdoor conditions tomorrow and let you know. I did checked the AR Emoji and they are useless. You get only one Animoji kind of face and 3-4 Snapchat type filters or whatever you call them. The camera app does get Google Lens support which is a good thing.
Thanks for the info Danchibald.
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