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Hanging / freezing issue

I have faced same problem like many others, I had gone to service centre they just reinstall their service os & problem solved, also suggested not update any security updates from Google & only update PIE . I previously update my phone to new security updates but now I am running on may 2018 update. It's working fine.

Hi, are you talking about the touch screen problem? If so, what image did you reinstall on your phone? Is it the one that included the security update for May or the one that included the security update for April? Did not you make any updates after that?
Only upto May update, & no further updates / security patches installed. Only waiting for PIE UPDATE.
Hey Zisco , did your problem resolved? I have the same issue , but I don't have service center near me can I do it manually .
Tell me whats your hardware version mine is 5 .
user1529587084850 My problem persists, I have it for two months. I tried all the methods mentioned in the forums without success. In my country there is no service center. My hardware version is 5.0. I think maybe its a hardware issue.
Which country do you live, only reset will not solve this problem you have to reload os or please wait for PIE update.
I think hardware is ok, problem is with security updates only.
I live in El Salvador, I tried everything, reinstall system from adb, install android P developer preview, roll back to 8.1 April update, install May update, modify sertings from some system apps, in everyone of that cases the touchscreen issue persist. I think its a hardware because not everybody have the problem, very ramdomly devices are affected. Im waiting from stable release of Pie, but I have no hope.
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