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Background apps

The Nokia 5.1 seems to be awfully eager to kill background apps. Apps like Whatsapp keep getting killed and there is no  background activity manager setting at Settings -> Battery. 

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Same issue here. I am unable to run Twilight (because it is randomly killed even though it should never be killed) which I heavily relied on in the past to get sleepy when it's late (twilight draws a reddish screen overlay). If there is no sign of this being fixed I'll strongly consider to return my new Nokia 5.1 and warn other potential buyers of these issues.

 You should try disabling "Battery Optimization" for the apps which you want to keep running infinitely in the background.

I already disabled battery optimization for the Twilight app but it makes no difference. Still terminated at random. Aren't such background processes supposed to be kept alive? Never had any such issues on my old phone.
The question is if this a problem with Android 8 (which I rather doubt), or rather with Android One. The 2GB RAM can't also be the problem, as older devices hadn't these problems with the closing apps.

The only solution I found to this problem was to use adb to blow away all the com.evenwell bloat that HMD seems insistent on loading. Why they felt they know how to do power management better than the standard Android settings (especially with doze) I have no idea. So far no ill effects from getting rid of all evenwell packages - just standard Android goodness.

 Well, maybe they thought they will do that, because of the ridiculous batterys with lesser than 3000 mAh.

Yeah, the fact this doesn't really seem to bother them does not convince me to buy a Nokia phone next time or encourage others to do so. Really this seems a rather problematic issue, apps are restarting all the time which is really hurting multitasking on top of the fact I can permanently not use Twilight anymore for screen filtering.

Paul (if you read this), does taking out the HMD software affect battery life very badly? I'm not use to very impressive battery life, so if it lasts just one day thats fine with me.

Is this taken seriously? I now have issues with not getting notifications from some messaging apps, which I think might be related.
The problem affects Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 users too. It's been this way since last year's October patch. Wrote tons of feedback about it to Nokia. Nobody cares. Literally. Person from support always say something like "sorry about your problems, I'll get this to developers". As far as I'm concerned, those feedbacks go straight to the trash can. Because that's what you get for buying nokia device.

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 @Eic that really sucks. I noticed that sometimes notifications, for example from WhatsApp, suddenly vanish again. When I then switch to the app it restarts. If nothing has happened in a year, then I have very little confidence this will get solved. I also contacted support to ask them to bring this issue to the attention of the developers.

I really don't want to go through the trouble of returning my phone but this is almost forcing me to. Alternatively I might root the phone and install a decent Android version.

They won't fix anything and bootloader's locked, so we're stuck.
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