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Migrate Nokia 6 to Symbian OS

How to migrate (upgrade) my Nokia 6 TA-1000 to at least Symbian 3.0? Android is the worst OS I ever used. Daily crashes, phone shutdowns without reason, battery drain in 20-30 hours, megatons of bugs. Symbian OS would repair all of my problems with Nokia 6. HMD don't want to give aby update to Android 7.1.1 since 1 may 2017 so this system (Android) is already dead on Nokia 6. HMD please provide us option to upgrade Nokia 6 to Symbian OS!

You can't install SymbianOS on a device born with Android. Currently, Nokia 6 has the 8.1 version of Android. If you are not able to update your device maybe because it's branded. If so, you have to contact your mobile operator for news and infos about the update.
Nope it is unbranded Nokia 6 model TA-1000. HMD don't want to provide any update for it. And yes - You can install Symbian on Android phone. Phone is only hardware. Think about phone like PC. You can migrate it from Windows to Linux and vice versa. Only problem are the drivers that manufacturer need to provide to you. So knowing that HMD let Android dead without updates on Nokia 6 they should provide better alternative for it - Symbian OS.
Even if HMD release the driver, you still can't install Symbian on your phone. The two OS are foundamentally different, like you can't install a windows driver on a linux machine. Furthermore, Symbian was already in the history, no one is willing to continue develop it. the reason your phone won't get os updates might be that 1) TA-1000 is the Chinese variant, its system is largely different from other variants, it's geo-blocking you from receiving update 2) Your phone was modifed (unlocked bootloader, rooted, etc.) by the retailer you buy from. Normal TA-1000 should be on oreo now, I suggested you talk to the support other than whining about you want Symbian here.
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