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How to update version ta1043 sofware 2_22A_SP01 to august security

-remove sim card

-do a factory reset

-do not enter your google account

-install a vpn apk ( i used turbo vpn  )

-select india server

-check for update

This worked for me after reading many forum pages,give it a try... however,this is the last time i will buy a phone from Nokia,android one was the best argument to get this phone.

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Did you read this? : Nokia can still do updates, they should allow people to sign up to the beta programme which will allow them to bypass the requirements of carriers. This is because the user opts in to taking the risk of any potential issues. Microsoft did the same thing with their Insider programme.
Did you read this on reddit? /r/GooglePixel/comments/7bfkdr/psa_pixelnexus_updates_can_still_be_subject_to/ If they had an opt in system, effectively a beta programme, they could bypass this like Microsoft did with their Insider Programme. The user takes the risk.
Does it change your build version to E or does it stay 2-22A ? @user1529883076460

I've tried the steps except for skipping the google account login. I wasn't successful with it. However, i will try to following the steps and give it another try...

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I've done the same @Chris_A If this works with skipping the Google account log on, can you inform us ?
I thought you had to sign in to your Google account to use play store to get a VPN I might be wrong


You can download an .apk file, for example, at apkmirror and install it manually. 


I will try the steps in the evening and report back.

@user1531487969843 You can download and install an apk without the Playstore.
I downloaded turbo VPN from apkpure and it worked,my phone restarted 2 times and now it shows August security update. Funny thing is my phone build was 2.22A and now is 2.22E. I only followed another guide,but it's important to not sign in to Google play.

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I'll try tomorow and will report if it works (if it works, @user1535025311678 are our savoir :) )


its working. I am currently downloading the july security patch :-)

Thanks for the advice

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Is user1535025311678 the savior ? I'll try tomorow 

@user1535025311678: Thank you very much! It worked!

@user11678 mate your a angel worked on my ta-1050 a treat August patch and on 22E_SP01 instead of the 22A_SP01 cheers
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