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Has anybody faced issues like these? TA-1004?

I've been using my nokia 8 for the last few days and found these issues... Known wifi networks not visible in quick toggles, (while switching between networks Screencast not working... Always shows searching while initiated from quick toggles and shows blank screen on the settings of cast screen. Signal bars doesn't show/ always shows full signal in quick toggles... I think this is not an issue, but some other non nokia phones do show signal on quick toggles. Camera- cannot swich between video from photo after controlling exposure. (I guess there should be a separate button for switching photo and video mode instead of swiping, as it interferes with exposure control sometimes) Video gets out of focus so many times while capturing. Especially in extreme low light. (The truth is video recording is pathetic. My 6 yr. old galaxy s2 has even better camera. That's what made me took an account in this community forum and to share these issues) Capturing illuminated objects from far away in night is a bit tricky. And to capture the shot i need to switch to pro mode, and here comes another problem... Switching to pro mode in photo by swiping the shutter button... Doesn't work most of the times... And another problem about this community forum... I cannot login to community forum through chrome mobile and i am using opera mini only for logging into this forum :-(
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