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No GPS registration with 4g disabled

I notice that sometimes the GPS registration of my location (via google timeline and google fit, but also via Wikiloc, which I use for walking routes) is absent. I suspect that this is related to the fact that I often have my 4g disabled (I often do not want to have mobile internet, to be not disturbed / tempted) and not carry out activities on my phone during that time (for example on the bike, then my phone is just in my pocket and I do not do anything active with it, apart from listening to music via Spotify, but without using the screen or otherwise interacting with it).

I find that sometimes quite irritating, because I like to keep registering my location. In Wikiloc it is even very problematic, because my phone can not indicate whether I'm on the right route or not (so I might walk incorrectly for long times :'(

With my old phone, a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, I do not have that problem (even without a sim card inside), so I suspect it is something specific for this phone.

I do not have battery saving on, so it's not that I let software disable certain functions (atleast, not that I'm aware of).

Does anyone have any idea how this happens and whether this can be prevented?

(a related issue, I suspect, is that Spotify stops playing after 10 minutes if I have turned off my 4g and I have not set Spotify to offline mode).

 Are you using battery saving location mode ?

That's the only thing that comes in mind, since it relies on WiFi/mobile data only without actually using GPS.

@schetz Thanks for that. I was thinking the same thing, but no, that's not the case. It just seems that, whenever the phone is inactive (ie no data connection, only apps running in the background, no active display, no interaction), it looses its ability to record gps data. 

Any more thoughts on this therefore highly appreciated!

 @Inge Janse , if it was me, I'd first leave 4g on, turn on Do Not Disturb to still have my piece of mind :), just to be sure it's related to 4G.

I remember using GPS Toolbox app from the store a while back to find if everything is working as expected, but that shouldn't be necessary now . I also don't think Doze is kicking in , especially not in this aggressive manner .

Are you using location history ? Can you check if that's linked to proper account ?

I would also clear data of Google Maps,google play services and possibly Wikiloc.

@schetz good idea, I'll try it for the sake of research. Nevertheless, I like the idea of disabling 4g, to not be tempted to look on my phone for new messages. The addiction! The addiction! 

I'll try the gps toolbox app. I don't think it will come up with anything (because in other circumstances, GPS works like a charm), but you'll never know.

And yes, I use location history. I'll do a clear data of all services, just to make sure.

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