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i ordered an nokia 6.1 plus , when will i get delivery of nokia 6.1 plus ?


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 As they mentioned, the shipping will start from 31st of August . Since it falls on a Friday, you should be able to receive it in Gujarat around the mid of next week.

That said, the delivery will solely depend on the courier partner :)

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Like you, I am also far away from Delhi (i.e Nokia's start point). Being in Chennai, I am fearing that, though Pre-ordered I would be receiving it late compared to ordering from Flipkart (which sends from Bangalore and delivers same day/next day morning).

If Nokia ensures Delivery happen on the day or day before Flipkart Sale opens up, buyers will see incentive in Pre-Ordering.

If Nokia ensures Delivery happen on the day or day before Flipkart Sale opens up, buyers will see incentive in Pre-Ordering.

I am assuming that Pre-Order Customers will get it before Open Sale deliveries.

I have paid 15999 and I don't have any reciept
Sir I have already pay full price of nokia 6.1 PLUS by debit card . But I have dought my mobile will came to me.i have not any reciept of my payment

@Devendra, If money is deducted from your bank account, will recommend Chat/Call with Customer Care. If money is not deducted from your bank account then (my online shopping experience is) your order is not registered and you will have to make it again (till it goes through).

My shipment started today evening (from Haryana) and says will be delivered by 1st September (in Chennai).

i am from Gujarat and i place my pre-order 28th Aug So i need to tack my device & My Order Number is 23243 so if you can track then tell me link or something else about that tell or provide me.

I have same problem and I don't have any link

how to know the current status of my order in nokia site?

Worst delivery system no information on website not even get a mail that when delivery start for the phone. And even customer care no is also not reachable. It only got connected after 6 clock .
I have the same question. I ordered on 30th aug. I tried to contact customer support. But. they reply so late on chat(almost more then 45min). And the reply is that the chat is closed due to inactivity. Still i was live in the chat. I tried to contact via mail but after 2 days. Still there is no reply from there. Please somebody help

Did anyone got the way of tracking the order or Got the phone itself? If you did, how many days did it take to reach you..

I placed on 2nd Sep for next sale i.e. 6 Sept. I don't know how to track it...

Please help.... 

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