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Nokia 6.1 camera app reinstall

I updated my nokia 6.1 camera app version 90.xx.xx of size about 247mb. After installing it while taking some photos , it is showing "processing" for a long time. This happened many time and it never end. After restarting phone that is gone. Due to this problem i uninstalled this camera update. Then how to reinstall this update ,it is not showing in play store

They pulled out the update from the playstore due to some bugs and according to the feedback they got but you can install it via an apk from apkmirror. So if it was gone atter the restart why did you uninstall it, I couldn't get it on playstore but tried the apk and for the same exact reason I uninstalled it. The problem with processing while you take photos in low light and auto mode but in pro mode photos will come out fine. If you saying that the processing problem is gone after restart then do not reinstall it, it has some bugs and they will push out the updates again once it is resolved. Still you can try the apk.

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Thanks for reply After restarting also ,when photo is taken its sometimes showing "processing" .so that i uninstalled it. Is apkmirror is a authorised site install apps
you can restart your device in safe mode.You will get previous camera apk.
Try Google Camera apk for good Portrait and Google Motion Features. googlecamera-pixel2mod-arnova8g2-v7-final.apk is very good as compared to old one.Its having portrait features very good.Lens Blur not working but we got portrait mode very useful and google motion is fantastic.Try Everyone This Google Apk Very nice.I am fall in love.

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Just go to the camera app info from apps and notification settings and select the 3 dots on the top right corner and select uninstall updates, you'll get the default camera app. So far arnovas google camera port v8 mainly gcams based on version 5.01.18 is the best you can get for nokia 6.1
how reinstall camera app
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