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No "Idea" VOLTE Support in Nokia 7 Plus

@Skink When will nokia receive idea volte support as all ither networks VOLTE is supported other than idea.

I'm also waiting for idea VoLTE update to my Nokia 6.1

 Did you try reaching out to Idea regarding this? It is so that Idea and Nokia needs to together test it and get it rolling.

They already rolledout Idea VoLTE update to Nokia 5 & it updated on idea website ,but why they are not rollout to remaining device's?

@singhnsk i have used idea volte on all other phones honor play asus zenfone 5z one plus 6 but every other manufacturer is supporting it but nokia is not supporting idea VOLTE we loyal customers want a software update enabling IDEA VOLTE ASAP

If Older Device like Nokia 5 Can Support i dont know why Nokia is Not providing with an update Moderators looking into this topic kindly give an Update @Laura @Skink 

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