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Android 9 for nokia 6.1

 When will Nokia 6.1 get Android p update? it was said earlier by Nokia that it would be OTA in August 2018. kindly provide us the date on which all Nokia phones will get the android P update. 

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 Hello, Nokia never mentioned that the update of Android Pie will be delivered to Nokia 6.1 in the month of August.

The update is expected to start rolling closer to October 2018.

They shud even roll it April 2019 ,,or even August 2019 ,,it doesn't matter especially when fon brands like Poco F1 exist ,hmd will fade away on its own , smart phone business is no longer profitable but rather having a user base that's loyal is better than,in near future will only have brands that embrace bootloader unlock,open source developers practices and flagship specs and features on affordable fons will survive ,which doesn't sound like hmd at all,,so at this point don't expect updates koz u have an Android one fon just let it be ,,,if they update it's fine if they don't it's cool but ur next brand name purchase shud really be a fon u can easily modify and not pay 270 dollars for a fon that u can't even reflash it's previous stock rom build using flash tool,,if by any chance your don't like how unstable the current update build ROM that was pushed to you behaves ,I mean even if u lock bootloader,at least provide a way to access stable stock ROMs and their flash tools ,that is important and an easy solution than going to customer care ,what is I work in remote Namibia/botwana like a bush pilot ?there even service reception is a problem but also no Nokia customer care do I have to wait months to ship the fon to customer care when I cud easily have downloaded back up stock ROMs of previous stable Rom and flash it ,,a seconds worth of time taking months to undertake ,very poorly executed userbility of your phones
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