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Dual Sim different colors disappeared


Suddenly i noticed i have no longer any separate colors for two SIM card. If i take a look at SIM-settings on my phone, there are still red color chosen for SIM 1 and Blue color for SIM 2. How ever, when receiving a call screen is totally white without any color. Same goes for outgoing calls: screen background is white no matter which SIM is selected.

Any advice? Booting is done, so is VOL UP+Power button boot as well.


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Okay, after few days i have an update: i made full reset again and did not re-install from backup. Colors for both SIM reverted back again. However, after a couple of calls the same happened again and now both SIM colors are white again for outgoing and incoming calls.

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Really so, anybody else do not have this issue?

It's not an issue, it's because of Material Design 2, that Google is rolling out to its apps. You may see the same changes in Android Messages, Google Contacts, and Phone app. Google is slowly rolling dark theme too, but it will take time for apps to get more customisation settings.

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Thanks! Great to hear it's regognized. Hopefully it could be reverted back to way it was. With a bit of poor eyes this was the a key function for me to purchace Nokia phone. It's easier to see with colors which SIM is "ringing". 

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