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Delivery of Nokia 6.1 Plus

When is the Nokia 6.1 Plus is going to be delivered for preorders?

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 The shipping will start from 31st of August and expect it to be delivered under their normal delivery timelines. Generally the same time as it would take for any other parcel to move from New Delhi to your location.

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Being in Chennai, I am fearing that, though Pre-ordered I would be receiving it late compared to ordering from Flipkart (which sends from Bangalore and delivers same day/next day morning).

If Nokia ensures Delivery happen on the day or day before Flipkart Sale opens up, buyers will see incentive in Pre-Ordering.

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When are the Pre-ordered Nokia 6.1 plus phones going to be delivered in Mumbai?

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My shipment started today evening (from Haryana) and says will be delivered by 1st September (in Chennai).

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 Nilesh, did you place the pre-order on the first day itself? How is Nokia informing about the dispatch - did you get an email or you had to check your order page on

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Yes. I did order on first day itself. Order # 14930. I was informed on website and via email as well.

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 Thanks for the info. Hope we all get our phones soon. Cannot wait to unbox and power up the beauty!

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I have ordered on 1200 noon today, and no email confirmation nor sms. Spoke with cust care, delivery is promised within three working days in delhi. Hope they deliver, had a very bad experience  with Delhivery courier service.  They should have tied up with reputed service. Received my shipment last time from delhivery couriers after a month and after repeated followups. Unprofessional chaps and nose up attitude these courier people.

Kiran here, I pre-ordered on 28th Aug, but no update yet

How to track order?

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 I am from North-East India, specifically Tripura. Ordered the cell phone on 28th August.Order number is 23059. But I just can't see any option to know about the whereabouts of my phone. Neither did I receive any confirmation e-mail, nor are they updating me about the shipment and delivery.

I need help guys, urgently! Please let me know what and how am I supposed to do?

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Don't worry dear, company will send you msg, i booked before a week, yesterday got massage on my mobile number by Nokia shipping details.

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guys that is boosting me to bc nokia service
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