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Delivery of Nokia 6.1 Plus

When is the Nokia 6.1 Plus is going to be delivered for preorders?

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Guys whoever is getting order shipped/confirmed msg please give details like order no 987** and shipping address becuase I think they are starting shipping area wise.I have order no 277** delivery in Thane but still didn't received the message.
Received today.. order#276##, Pune.. an amazing phone by Nokia
I received msg today and phone got dlvrd hour back. Phone is gorgeous. Order No:281**.
user1535822434198 where is your location

i got shippind details and order number is 29k. location-bangalore.hope everyone will get soon.

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@mukesh when u got the msg?
Guys got the phone today I don't have words to express my experience right now with my phone

I got shipping details yesterday. Ordered on 1st September. Order Id : 27xxx.

I got the phone today.Order 277** .Delivery in Thane.Got the AWB at 8am and got the phone at 10am.Very much excited for the new phone.
Finally today morning Received Nokia 6.1 Plus. Order date 1 Sep, location: Chennai.

Received my phone with order no 281**. Order date 1st sep, loaction:hyderabad

I haven’t received any messages about my delivery. My order number is 27***. Ordered on 1st September. Location is Chennai.

at what time did you get user 135276074818and where do you live in Hyderbad?

 i want to purchased this mobile nokia 6.1 plus for my eyecatchy web design company India employees. how can i get 40 to 50 phone. can anyone tell me how can i got it for my employees website design delhi. flipkart flash sale not work for me. 

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