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Use of Pro Camera Mode

Guys I have tried every settings of pro mode but images with pro mode are very poor than stock cam. Anyone know how to use pro mode for better photos

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 Still had no time to properly play with pro mode, and frankly, that's probably what needs to be done.

A long play with all the options, combined with some reading if unfamilliar with photography like me.

I don't think anyone can give one setting for everything as it depends on the light , object etc.

Hopefully we both manage to get the best out of it, but I figure it will take a while, for me at least.

But for me it'll take one light year to understand pro mode. I'm using Gcam and it's awesome but I don't know why Nokia created hype of Pro mode

 Probably because there are people who can take advantage of given options. More options is mostly for the better ,right ?

As for learning, I don't think there are that many parameters to start with. Learn the basics, shoot , shoot, and then shoot some more, and you will get a grip.

In the end, if it doesn't end up being your thing, you can always just point and shoot in regular mode, whether in Nokia cam, or in Gcam ,

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