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camera apps after update

Hey there, when i first bought nokia 8 i was really excited due to the specs they posted. But i was really disappointed with the camera. I think cheap mobile phones are better. I updated it to oreo 8 but still the same photos I've got. The color and clarity is not good especially if you take zoom.

NOKIA, can you still promise us to give a better results of the camera app?

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The camera as it stands at the minute is way better than it was on my Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Moto G 3, 4, 5 Plus and X Play, sure it is not on par with other flagships but to say cheap phones are better is a bit harsh.

MrBelter..which part of the nokia 8 camera is better than the other, the color and clarity? are you using third party software? 8 is having 2 cam already and using zeiss optics while your old phone is having only one.. its not what you expected in a flagship phone. i am telling the truth to let other people not to buy nokia 8 and just waste their money but if nokia will promise to have an update on nokia 8 app, that will be good enough.

I think it is more down to you to prove the camera is as poor as you say it is if i am being honest. Yeah it is a bit pants in low light but other than that results seem perfectly usable for a phone that launched at £499, which lets be honest is no where near flagship prices.

MrBelter.. NOKIA should not published these kind of phone specs to nokia 8 if they are NOT attaining such specification on their phone. I was really disappointed.

I think we can all agree that the 2 sensor set up offers absolutely zero benefit to the Nokia 8 camera, it simply makes no difference to the resultant image and is nothing more than a sales gimmick. As for having Zeiss optics it seems people think this is going to turn any camera phone sensor in to a photographic beast but again it offers very little in the way of performance, a non branded f1.7 lens would have been far superior when it comes to low light which lets be honest is what most people (including me) aren't happy with. I am sure Zeiss were very happy to put their name on the phone as it widens their brand exposure but it wouldn't surprise me if it isn't just a licencing thing, there is a reason why high quality optics cost many times more than what the whole Nokia 8 cost. The Nokia 8 isn't a DSLR, it isn't even a £200 compact camera, it sure as heck isn't and never was priced as a high end flagship and if you are using it as anything other than a pocket snapper then, well, draw your own conclusions.

This was taken on my Nokia 8 (with the Nokia app) and it is what it is, it's a snapshot, nothing more and nothing less but i certainly didn't think oh the Nokia 8 has let me down again, i cant tell what it is.


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