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Network issues

My Nokia x6 version TA 1099 does not connect to 4g volte networks apart from that it defaults to H+ network even when there is LTE network coverage. Anyone find a fix yet? Nokia support kindly fix the issue with the next update.

Which country and who is your Network provider?

Kenya, I have not been able to connect any 4g lte on Airtel and Telkom kenya it defaults to H+ as for the Faiba network which Volte should support I still am unable connect let alone getting a connection.
I'm facing the same issue is my phone with Airtel, I've set my preference to 4G but it doesn't go above H+... Don't know if it's a network issue or any problem with my phone
can confirm Airtel 4G works fine on my 6.1+. Check ifany of your friends get Airtel 4G reception in and around your place, otherwise some problem with your handset.
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