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Nokia 6.1camera issues

Hello there! Me and my girlfriend bought at the same time a Nokia 6.1. This was abou three months ago and ever since we have had many issues with the phone and the most problems with the camera. With the cameraapp even on low reslution it is almost impossible to take a photo that is not blurry. If we want to take a picture directly in whatsapp the phone often freezes and we have to wait several minutes. We bought the same phone at the same time at the same place but on my phone was an update several days ago and the phone of my girlfriend has no uptates since two months. There are some other bugs and problems that are not that important at the moment. Another problem is the warranty. The phone is described as robust and strong. But even the smallest forces leave a dent and as we wanted to make a complaint becaus of all the softwareproblems, they've set that the dents expire the warranty. Is there a way we can fix our problems? After all it was worst decision to get this phone. In the future we won`t take another Nokia.
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