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Instead of hmd unlocking bootloader,for me it's important to provide provide users the option to user fa rom flash tool and a way to access stable ROMs of previous builds we can roll back to in case you get buggy current update builds

Why shud we want an unlocked bootloader when we can just have flash tools and stable builds of custom ROMs available for use ,like hmd can give all that to users who may have problems with their ROMs that got buggy issues ,I mean having access to previous stable builds and able to flash them like a roll back beats having unlocked bootloader with no kernel source codes and even tree source codes for the device ,it's pointless ,so please ask for a flash tool and a way to access previous user acceptable stable ROMs ,to me u are better with a stable old build than a new buggy unusable build that just makes your user experience bad overall ,I would rather have a two months old build with great fon network reception and battery life and optimised smooth response with better camera ,than latest build with force stop on camera,bad pictures unstable and even poor battery life and device optimisation

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