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Camera Problem After Update

There was a 247mb update of the camera app, I updated the camera app of my Nokia 8 device few days ago and it is absolutely crap.. I couldn't even take photos now whenever I take photos it says action not supported 706 It is absolute bullshit What should I do ???

I also updated and got same error. I did factory reset and returned back to previous version since then I have not got this camera update. Means it's not available on play store for this error.

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The update was not meant for Nokia 8. It was pushed out by mistake. Uninstall it.

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How can I uninstall that latest update?

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Apps & Notifications

See All Apps


3 Dots top right

Uninstall Updates

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i uninstalled the update and now back to the original factory version, and once again it works fine...  

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El error de la cámara:

 "action not supported: 706" 

fue corregido gracias a lo señalado por MrBelter.

Solo se debe des instalar la ultima actualización de la cámara.



The error of the camera:


 "action not supported: 706"


it was corrected thanks to what was pointed out by MrBelter.

The last update of the camera must be uninstalled.

after uninstall of the latest camera update it works again. But very unprofessional from Nokia to release such a wrong update
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