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Hardware of Nokia 6.1 plus is not good

Hey Nokia peoples!!! Why you haven't used a good lens in Nokia 6.1 plus camera? And why you have only gave f2.0 aperture and only 1 micropexel density in it? I saw the Nokia 6.1 plus in someone's hand the Indian version. And the daylight shot were decent amd was not good than Redmi note 5 pro. And the lowlight shots were totally blundered because of lots of noise in it due to lower pixel density in camera department. You just only gave the phone a perfect design and build quality but in terms of camera it is not upto the mark. Try to use Sony's camera sensor or samsung one in your next phone. I was planning to buy this but right now I changed my mind and is going to buy Mi A2 as because it has much advanced camera with Sony's sensor. All the best. A diehard fan of Nokia.

It wont be fair comparison just based on Camera. Ex. A2 do not have Headphone jack where as N6.1P does.

We can use a headphone by connecting a adapter given in the box btw I am buying redmi note 5 pro as because developer version has changed its camera department amazingly. Btw at present time everyone wants a good camera and a bigger battery and in 5.8 inches the battery should be atleast 3500mah. A perfect build quality only matched up when you have everything good in your phone. But with Nokia 6.1 plus only the build quality is strong component but not the camera department because of f2.0 and only 1 micropexel.
And Mr. Nilesh I must definitely say today's Nokia phones are no more that Nokia which was ever before. As because old Nokia used to give everything from great hardware to build quality. And Nokia should improve their camera quality a lot. Even the Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 sirocco have not a good DXOMARK score. You can check it in Dxomark website
Ann Mr. Nilesh Shah can you please provide me genuine reason why it has only 1 micronpixel in its camera department. At present time every company even the samsung is giving atleast 1.25 micronpixel with f1.9(atleast) in theor camera department. And they have this camera configurations even in the phones of 13-15k phone segment. As for Example Samsung Galaxy On 8 has 1.12 micro pixel with f1.7 aperture for better lowlight capabilities. Think carefully and curiously don't Go for the Brand only I am also a big fan of Nokia but wherever it is wrong I will definitely agree.

Every one have their own preferences and wont debate on that. For me carrying headphoen jack is same act as carrying Camera for special photography. On RN4 now and fed up with bugged UI + unwanted bloats + unwanted ads. While immediate choice will be RN5P or MA2, I am leaning over better screen (N6.1P at 443ppi vs. RN5P/MA2 at 401ppi). While IR blaster is miss, will get premium looking glass body (in addition to flawless UI + proven track record of timely security patches).

Desperate to get rid of RN4 and move on N6.1P.

O yes... Android stock!!! I agree but as far as Google escosytem is concerned I think the Camera is also a conerned atleast the micropixel count is very much concerned and the focal length too... Btw I wish your low light selfies would come great with that very 1micro pixel. And hope the people would say good with a phone having build quality...
And one thing more don't have faith in anyone blindly. I know you and I trust Nokia brand but trust when they can able to give 100% quality... As because this is Nokia the King Of Smartphone. And in my opinion the camera of the smartphone 6.1plus is not good than a lower brand phone though it is having more MP count in its camera. At present time 1 micron pixel is not good at all. I have used 1 micronpixel camera 5 years before in my Nokia lumia 620.

Let me be first who puts his weapon down. I honor your views despite it is different than mine.


any software patch to improve picture quality. IMHO, was fed up with MI3, MI 4  buggy UI and Cheap build  quality feel to it. so went for Nokia.

Camera has been reported to be weak, but overall mobile is set to be good as per experts.

If Nokia wants to be best in Industry, it must beat Xiaomi, specially Xiaomi Poco F1.

It comes with the Best Hardware till now, I have seen in the Smartphone Industry.

i found the camera to be pretty good for the price, i have used Nexus 6p earlier, camera on Nokia 6.1 plus is better and shutter speed is also tad faster. pro mode is also present, slow motion is also present in video mode. Experience of using this phone is very pleasant, quite ergonomic and way better than xiaomi and asus counterparts

Lol oh please, you bought the Redmi Note 5 Pro instead? That's one of my current phones and I can't wait to get rid of it. MIUI is garbage and has so much bloatwear and unnecessary ads. Sure you could flash a custom ROM onto the device but I don't have the time for all that nonsense. Also I've used my friend's Nokia X6 and the camera is nowhere near as bad as people claim. When using with Gcam it takes great pics. If you want a great phone right out the box, nothing beats the 6.1 Plus in this price range.

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