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6.1 plus Delivery in India

How much time it will take to deliver 6.1 plus in the farthest region of India?

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I am of opinion that Shipping should start so Pre-Orders get delivered before other retailers like Flipkart.

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Thanks Nilesh. As I can see, you are replying on every concern, I would like to know from where you are getting the information. Are you authorized for that on behalf of Nokia/HMD Global. Just to make sure right info mmmoviing around :)

Good question Dhanesh. I am like one of you who have pre-ordered. Neither belong to Nokia nor paid for :). More like helping friends with what I know (which also means, :( my views are not authorized by Nokia )

My shipment started today evening (from Haryana) and says will be delivered by 1st September (in Chennai).

My order also to be delivered in Chennai only but no update so far. Will have to wait more, I think. You are the lucky one.


What was your order no.

My order # 14930.

If your hasn't started, wait little. Not sure if it makes difference but I had ordered on 21st August itself in 5 minutes after Pre-Order opened up. 

My phone is also shipped last night. i got mail and message with tracking detail and it will be delivered by 1st september.

Is there a way to track the order through the Nokia website or does it come only through the mail?

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Merged to this topic>here<due to same questions.