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Has anyone got screen replacement after burn-in issue?

I want to know if anyone with burn-in issue got their screen replaced and it solved the problem or not

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It's in repair for a month now. The promise 2 weeks are long over. No word on when I will get it back. I don't expect anything anymore.

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I sent my phone in for a camera issue and they changed the screen as well.  It took 10days in to total from me dropping it off until it was delivered back at my house.

Congrats. 10 days and repaired is what it should be. Unfortunately for some people it's more like 10 weeks and the device is still broken or breaks again shortly thereafter. Please see the "Screen burn issue" thread in this forum for examples. As soon as I have my device back, I'll can let you know about my case, but nobody knows when that might be. It could easily be another month or two. I don't know. Nobody at Nokia knows. Nobody at Nokia cares. They should be ashamed of themselves. "Flagship" LMFAO

I'm getting the issue now too.

Mainly the status bar icons that are "burned in". However it looks more like image retention because it goes away after leaving the screen off for a prolonged period of time. I've NEVER had this happen with an IPS display phone, ever.

Thinking about bringing it in for warranty, but a bit hesitant since it's working fine despite this issue, and also after reading the experiences regarding the customer service, though the quality of the service seems to vary widely from place to place.

I didn't have a backup phone until today, so I was unable to send it for repairs. Today, I borrowed a samsung note 4 from a colleague and hope to send it to service service by tomorrow.

I know one thing for sure: LG panels are worst on mobile market. Shame on you HMD!

LennartB, this is just how it starts. It started with me noticing the status bar first, too. This area will only grow. Yes it'll disappear temporarily if you switch off the screen, but it will always come back, just bigger, stronger and staying for longer. This issue will turn from "sometimes" to be the new "normal". Do not think about bringing it in. Do bring it in. Good luck with the service. I hope it deserves that name in your country.

I received my phone back from repairs yesterday, with new screen.

Problem seems to be solved, but I will wait to see if it deteriorates by time.

BTW, test page for screen retention I use;

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Ohhhhh VERY good site! I tried it and my screen looks horrible. "Normal" image retention in the middle with even stronger "red-tinted" image retention near all corners. Even the border between these two is well visible, too, with this website. I'll take a picture of this one later and share it here. Maybe Nokia will still see no problem, but I'll give it a try anyways. Thanks for the link. And yes, please let us know if the retention comes back on your device.
In my case they changed display but screen burn issue was not solved again i complained they changed motherboard but still no use after that they said we will replace with new device it is been 57days still didn't get replaced, as per today the swap as been approved and with 4days i may get new device

This company is really unbelievable! I took a picture now with the website test from above. Two different kinds of burn in after 2 minutes. One in the middle. And the other even stronger, red-tinted one on all sides. Was yours as horrible? Or less? What an unbelievable crap experience Nokia is. I am stunned!


Mine was less horrible.

Video showing before repairs:

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