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No confirmation received for pre order

I had pre-ordered nokia 6.1 plus on 21 aug using icici bank netbanking. But i haven’t received any confirmation for it. Also my order history is empty. Customer support keeps replying that my issue has been escalated and relevant department will reply, but haven’t got any till now. Any ideas on how to proceed?

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Insist to get ticket number (when you call/chat with customer care). Also check if money is deducted from your account (since at times, chances are, transaction declines in between payment processing).

I actually confirmed with the PayU gateway and the payment was successful. Thanks for the tip.

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I have order no but how I sure that my transection is right and go for nokia, I have no reciept

I got an email from Nokia confirming that my order was placed and giving me details as to which colour I selected and where it will be shipped too. You should have got something similar. Check your spam folder, maybe it's there.

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Nope. I didn't get any confirmation (till now).

i am facing the same issue @ksb1712 did u get any confirmation from them?if then pls reply

I am facing same issue customer care for about n times everytime they ask me to wait for another 48 hrs another 48 hrs. What to do now?
No. Still the same stuff, " please wait for 48 hrs"
What is the happening about ordered my NOKIA 6.1 PLUS mobile
I am order new Nokia 6.1 plus. Payment is issue but there is no any invoice. Still I am not received in my invoice. How can I believe you. And there is no any notification also and delivery details also not available. Plz give me invoice and deliver details.
@Anand.G i faced the same problem,contacted them through email,still didn't got any response from them.

so anyone got the dispatched mail or text message ....

Orders only start dispatching tomorrow (31st) right?

Btw if you go to the My Profile page after signing into your Nokia account you should see your order under the Order History tab. It will look something like this:


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