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Rethinking what a Smartphone is supposed to be?

I am proud honor of a Nokia 7 plus, the reason I put down my money on this device is because it full filled my needs that is it's a solid device that will last for years to come, along side OS updates with security updates in the upcoming years because of the Android One program. To top off with a camera that allows me to take pictures of memories which is important to me. Then all of this came crashing down after the Xiaomi Poco phone was released not that I have anything against the 7 plus which I will never trade no matter what gets released after this as well. It's just it made wonder Nokia, a brand that's has built a reputation on a phone that has smooth experience as well quality not able to replicate at least 1/5th of what poco has in terms of Memory capacity and Chipset and Ram and most importantly to me a 4000ahm battery. Honestly even in the presentation it was said Poco will only get P while the 7 plus will get Q. That's it's self is something to proud depite the price and specs 7 plus has in comparison to Poco. All I want to suggest there are people who wish to have Android one program on a Poco phone. This won't come to pass since Xiaomi has A phones for it. I hope Nokia will see a opportunity here and will have the heart to build device with specs of POCO in this same package of 7 plus the functionality will never trump design no matter how beautiful the device is made which is proven with Poco . In the Poco phone there is no full screen as in the 7 plus 18:9 aspect ratio. Why is it so? They know the the notch will destroy the viewing experience despite its functionality. So hopefully I wish this post will help push this brand Nokia that I care so much and want to stick with well strive to create a phone that fullfill the needs of the customers than create a replica like the others brands are striving for. Thus Hopefully the Nokia 8 plus will be a phone will truly show all the brand's out there we too can create a phone in comparison to Poco. Thus giving a new meaning to a 27000 rupees or 300 dollar phone and there by adding some competition to poco. Just like how 1000 dollar phone refined a flagship category. Poco just proved what a mid-range can be like. I believe this Function over Form is what matters no matter what a phone is priced at. I hope this will be taken as a inspiration to mould up a device we the supporters/customers of Nokia brand can look forward and cherish the same way. As I am holding the 7 plus from which I typing this request. Wishing to see a Epic device in 28000-30000 rupee mark to released in the near future.

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Personally I don't think the Xiaomis are better Nokias - better performance specs maybe, but not better phones overall. Anyway, many people will probably disagreed with me! I'm sure that HMD are looking at this new phone and working on a new model which will be much better.

For info, here's a comparison of the 7 plus and the Poco:

The specs are very similar, and I don't believe the claim about battery life being 30 hours for the Poco, not with that big a screen and powerful processor.

Absolutely I agree with your opinion without a doubt. My statement above is written in hope to inspire the Nokia brand to go beyond the status quo and create something epic which I believe might happen with the Nokia 9 with all its leaks. If there is some truth to it, please retain the SD card is all I ask for nothing else. All the other aspects with the exception of the notch is beyond my expectations.
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