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Native call recording for all Android phones

 Android is a smartphone OS. Nearly all Android OEMs have their own enhancements added to the Android OS, but Nokia sells all stock system.

All good so far. However, as we are aware that Google is dropping support for 3rd party call recorders in Android Pie, a native call recorder from HMD Global is seriously needed. Call recording might not be important for everybody, but there are cases when it is seriously needed.

The functionality is baked into the ROM which is installed on the phones sold in China. It also sets very well with the overall UI of the device, instead of staying as a floating button which can get killed by the battery manager of Android. How hard will it be to add an app and include a button in the in-call menu?

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This feature seems to get requested quite a bit. I'm surprised that it's available in China but Google will now block third party solutions without providing an alternative. HMD should lean on Google to allow them to include this.

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