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Display issue - Need Replacement (Parts not Available)

On 24th July I submitted my nokia 7 plus in service center for display lining issue... After 2 Month of use my phones got hard straight line on display... one month complete but display is not available... Today I visited service center called Nokia support team but no one tells me when I will get my phone back... I'm here to request you Nokia to help me for this issue... If you don't have parts then provide me a new device I'm giving you this week only because I waited so long and now I'm not going to wait.. if I don't get my phone back in this week I will go to consumer forum for my device because I waited one month so patiently but now it's enough... It's your problem that parts is not available its not my problem... I waited as service center said me and as Nokia support team said me but now I can't wait.. it's your responsibility to provide better service to your customer but you're not taking any responsibility and not even told me when I get back my phone... Thank you for the worst service... You're just spoiling the name of NOKIA... #nokiafan

Someone Please Help me !


Hello user1526217312185, 

I’m very sorry to hear about your problem and the inconvenience you experienced.  

Unfortunately, this is a user to user forum  and I don’t have any connection to our Service Centers, meaning I can’t do anything for you. The only thing I can suggest is to contact the customer service via mail or chat >here<. They should be able to escalate your case.


Best regards,


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Thank you for replying
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