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Jio Native Video call not working in roming network

 I am using Nokia 7+ with Jio sim. When I am using phone within home network the Native Video Calling is working fine and shows as an ption to convert audio call into video call while calling is in progress. But the problem is this whenever i am using my phone  in Roamin Network the Native Video Calling doesn't work. No options to convert audio calls into Video call. I have checked my sim with other phones (non nokia) the native video call functionality working fine even if its in roaming network. There is some sort of software glictch in nokia phones which prevents user to use native video calling while in roaming network.  

Yes, I am having same issue. When I am in home network, I have no problem but when I am in roaming with Jio network native video calling is having issue. Is this problem with Nokia phone or with Jio Network?

 Jio network is fine. I have checked my Jio sim with another phone in the roaming network, native video is working fine. Nokia please resolve this problem.

No solution till now
Nokia do something...this is serious bug..only Nokia phones are having this problem...
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