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Delivery in bhopal

When it gets deliver from 31st of august from delhi to much days it will take ...?

I am also from Bhopal brother. I talked to support, they said the phone will be delivered in the first week of September. PS- I am from old Bhopal.

Thnxx for the reply

My shipment started today evening (from Haryana) and says will be delivered by 1st September (in Chennai).

From where you get this information.... according to me all the shipment will start from 31st august

I got email from Nokia Care. Also, when I use (Computer) browser for Order History, I have active link to Track Order.

If your hasn't started, wait little. Not sure if it makes difference but I had ordered on 21st August itself in 5 minutes after Pre-Order opened up.

Oh. i ordered on 23rd August. That's why my order will be shipped later

Ohh.! I think you have pre ordered soo early that's why you will get it soo early... congratulations brother....i have pre ordered on 23rd august....At what time did you got the mail from nokia care...?

9:37pm on 29th August

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Thanks for the information...

How can i track my Nokia 6.1 Plus order? 
if some one has link about that please provide me.

Thanks in advance.

Hey brother, I'm from Bhopal. My order is shipped and will be getting it on 1st September.

@MrWildcard i am from Gujarat and i place my pre-order 28th Aug So i need to tack my device & My Order Number is 23243 so if you can track then tell me link or something else about that tell or provide me.

In order to track order, you will need the AWB number of your shipping. Note that the tracking link(of delhivery) will be sent to your phone number as sms. I didn't receive any mail with tracking link, mail just said my order is shipped. But the sms I got had the link.

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I'm also from Gujarat and I ordered Black one on 21st on launch day, yesterday I got mail which says it will come through "Delhivery" and based on their tracking it is scheduled for 4th of September, why they are so slow  no update since today morning  hope it will come before the scheduled time


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