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Nokia 7 Plus USB-C charging port fail in build quality

Hi all most here know who I am and i have a serious issue with the charging port. Now like many threads here left unanswered on the issues surrounding the Nokia 7 Plus which I also have commented on and still no repsonse from anyone which is down right ignorant not to be addressed.

Here is a video on this issue on the Nokia 7 plus check it out if you have the same problem please comment below as action needs to be taken with issues on this device .


Update.. The phone will not charge now.Note there is no dirt or lint in device as not kept in pocket and also I have posted this on twitter and NO RESPONSE. is this how HMD and Nokia now treat long time loyal customers who spent thousands on their products along with support and promotion over the years???


same problem here i'm tired of it it was working absolutly right two days ago but now it's not working properly

I chat with the Nokia mobile care and what they said is,  i must contact to the seller and ask for replacement.

I also said that other people have this problem. I ask if the build quality is bad. They answered: we do not have such information at the moment, but i will transfer your feedback to the relevant department :D So nothing to answer to the problem at all.

Update.. OK.. I live in Ireland and had to send my phone back to Hungary which is Rediculous to begin with. They have received my phone and said they would revert back when it's checked out. This is not good enough why should I have to return a device to another country when we hsve care centres here. Also I will point out it's not an option to repair either it's cheap housing which worn down I'll update when I have more information.

I purchased this phone a couple of months ago and the USB Type C charging port has almost completely failed. I did not expect this from a phone that claimed 'Built Like a Tank' on their promo material. Sad indeed.

An update.. Apparently it has been repaired if you can understand the email. I will  revert back when i get the phone in hand and give it a good imspection,hopefully there is a repair sheet with it to tell me what was done.


I have exactly same problem while charging. And its more annoying when I connect my phone to computer, it keeps disconnecting and connecting even just touching the phone or cable. I have to go to service center to get replaced its touch, which is also having problems. Then I'll try to explain the issue with the representatives.
I have also been having the same problem over the last couple of days. The constant notification noise is deeply irritating. The screen scratched really easily, and now this. The build quality doesn't seem good
I am facing same problem. Build quality is poor. I remember my old Nokia 3300. People use to keep changing pin charger and trying to insert correctly multiple time to start charging there old Nokia phone. Legacy continued....!!!!
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