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Hi guys i recently pre ordered the nokia 6.1 plus phone using my relative account due to money transfer issue but now i want to get all the detail and notification on my no. and id i called custome no. they said you will be notified for the issue by mail or by your given no. but no notification then what to expect on the day of delivery about notification and while using live chat the lady said i cant solve the problem contact the customer no. i narrated the same whole story and she replyed back i cant help you plz do something

Same problem with me,transaction has completed but didnt received any order id.Contacted them through email hope they will respond.

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I dont think they will respond bcoZ /since we have already preordered the phone they will be busy in convencing others to buy the phone with no more future support (sorry nokia for hate but you deserve when you dont support your customer)

Tried contacting them via twitter and the reply was " Hi there, we recommend you to contact/chat with our support team here: . They will surely be able to help you with it. "

bro i just recording the whole seen of our chat and will post on the youtube channel having 9k+ subs on it and will urge the people whome i asked to buy 6.1 plus instead of any pther phone and our chat will also show the dark support of nokia

Maybe their slot is over and you will get phone in next slot.(MAYBE)

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sprry but ithink you don't understand the topic is about support to customer not about the phones the payment is doen and the phone has to come whenever it has too and even before the sale once as pre ordered bit the topic is that they dont reply to tweet in his case and to mail in my and one more bro up there thats the point ifeel sorry about your confusion

try chatting with them, show them your transaction ID. or any thing you got after ordering. Try to call them on 18001028169 (If you are from India)

We all know that the order related support is not upto the mark. And since the web store was only launched recently, the support does not have enough training on handling order issues. You can definitely post on your YouTube with 9k subscribers, but that will help nobody.

As far as your order order is concerned, you agree that the "phone has to come whenever it has to". So, maybe just wait for the delivery. The delivery details will be provided on the mobile number and email used at the time of order.

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singhnsk thats the problem i mention i earlier reply i think you havent read it as i said the order was doen by my relative and he is not in the same state where the phone is to be deliverd and i contacted cus. care they to told that you will be notified for the update of email and contact no. but nothing no reply or no notification both from customer care no. as well as love chat as well as MAILING

 @Rahul I agree the order support is really sad and I hope Nokia does something about it. I have seen a few persons had some luck getting help by asking phone support to pass the call to a supervisor. The rest of the support is untrained and unprofessional for now.

I wish you gave your personal Nokia account to get the device ordered. Anyhow, I think the best you can do for now is to ask the user and pass from your relative so that you can check the it online at least. And when it ships out, just grab the Delhivery tracking link and track it on your own. I know your excitement is being ruined by all this mess, but that's all I can say for now.

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