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I saw unboxing of Nokia X6 and noticed that Nokia included a case and earphones in the box. Price for same 4/64Gigs variant was 1,499 Yuan, or around 15,440 Rupees. Now for Nokia 6.1 Plus, we are paying 15,999 and still we are not getting a cheap case or earphones.Case won't be available in market any soon and it will be a little costly online.  Nokia shouldn't do this with its customes. What can we guys do about it? 

We cannot do anything broo..instead of buying a case.

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We surely can. I am mailing them for the same. 

You aren't really being cheated. Prices vary in different markets for a start. A big difference is the X6 is not an Android One device, nor does it have Google Play. Ear buds for most people would sit in the box, they would go their Bluetooth headphones, normal headphones or variations thereof, or a high end pair of ear buds. As for the case, it depends on how nice it is. There's always Ebay, Amazon, or other online marketplaces or stores where cases for this phone can be purchased. It gives you user preference.

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I guess we are getting earphone. If this is about case only, will recommend adding import fees before comparing prices.

we will be getting headset but not case cover 


I India we are getting headphones instead of a clear case, they must be thinking that people would anyway buy a case but adding a headset would give them an edge over competition as none at this price bracket offers a headset inside the box package.

In my opinion, an included clear case would be useful to keep device protected out of the box until you get a good quality case. Included headsets are those primitive ones not in ear style.

Nope you are not being cheated it is about local taxes and import duties etc. It seems pretty high in some countries and almost next to nothing in other countries Eg a phone that costs around 500bucks outside is being sold at 700 or 800 in Asian markets

They could have included a case instead of low quality earphones. In my city's local market, I will get the case for 80 rupees but i will have to wait couple of weeks. It would be better if they included a case which would provide security.

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Plz tell me their email
Exactly ..even I am here to highlight the same issue, instead of providing standard in-ear phones we are given the cheapest type of earphones that cost the company not more than a 100 Indian rupees, same is the case with the charger, I am using Gionee fast charger which charges the 6.1plus in less than half time. Nokia India management is not efficient in making a good mark in the market. Though they have a good opportunity. Look at the way the phone has been boxed in a really sub-standard style! I am seriously disappointed by the work culture of Nokia India and must say that this differenciation will cause long term effects to the company's endeavours to succeed and make a mark in the Indian market, forget capturing it..

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I 100% agree with you brother. Phone is slippery and delicate and they couldn't give a cheap cover. Also I ordered 18W charger too. Box charger sucks at charging phone fast. 10W is given even when our phone supports QC4. Packaging box is of low quality but it's okay. They could've given a QC charger and a silicone case. Btw what are the ratings of your Gionee charger?
They should have given a case instead of earphones. With glass back and small form factor you cant use the phone without a case. I ordered newlike case from Amazon but it is very basic, doesn't fit well and too overpriced for what it offers. Bounceback case appears to be better but that too is on the expensive side due to scarcity of cases for this phone at this moment.
Yes the charger is JUST 2 amp output and it's NOT 10 watt, the model is named 10Wn just to misguide us. 2 amp output chargers accompany even 1000 mah battery cellphones! U guys are talking about earphones in place of back cover, these things cost just a few bucks to the company, u just listen to the Gionee earphones that come with A1, I am NOT a Gionee promoter here But I am mentioning its name cz it's a company whom people would rate lower than Nokia and also I have used their recent product ,though it is in the verge of closure, u may check online. I bought an LG Optimus G in 2012 and it's earphones are one of the best in the Industry, if Nokia wants to make a mark in the market then its management must broaden its thought process and provide better stuff.. Stepping on pennies will not get them anything but unworthy customers. When I can write this much on their shortcomings then I can also write on their plus points, if provided value for my money.

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Charger is 2A 5V i.e 10W. Still it's so slow. Can I know.yiur Gionee charger Power rating? And no we aren't wishing earphones over case. Only an idiot would. People barely use inbox low quality earphones.
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