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Nokia 8 unable to use 128GB micro SD SDXC memory cards

I am very dissapointed with my new Nokia 8. I've been waiting for the return of the brand, but, now that it Is happening, I found out, that one of the MOST IMPORTANT caracteristic of the phone is a big fat lie. THE NOKIA 8, IS UNABLE TO READ/USE MICRO SD MEMORY CARDS OF 128GB OR HIGHER. because it can't handle the SDXC type micro SD memory cards, it only manage to read/use memory cards type SDHC. Meanning that the feature of expanding memory with micro sd card to 256 GB Is not remotely possible. Is there a way to fix it¿? A launcher could bypass that limitation or it Is a Hardware limitation¿?

 I have a Samsung EVO Plus 128GB Micro SDXC Class 10 U3 card in mine and it works just fine.

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I've the very same card of MrBelter, it works fine too in my Nokia 8, since October 2017

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 Plus, SDXC is card capacities above 32GB, which I imagine a great many users have installed, and this is the first complaint I've seen.

For the record, I'm running with a Lexar 633x 64GB SDXC

I've successfully moved data to a 64gb and 128gb SD card using the default filebapp. Had problems moving/copying data from PC to SD card directly. Copy to internal memory and then use file app to move data to SD card.

Personally i am more than happy with the 64GB of internal space the Nokia 8 has without resorting to moving things to an SD Card, i just don't have that many apps to worry about.

My card is used for photo, music and video storage and i would rather it remain portable and totally separate for the internal file system.

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Same here. Apps stay where they are

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