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Bluetooth connectivity issues


Bluetooth audio frequent disconnect issues. 

I am having issues with Bluetooth connectivity on my Nokia 7Plus with my car audio. If i receive a call while listening to music, the songs do not resume after ending the call. Even if i manually resume the player, bluetooth audio is not from car, but mobile speakers. I have to turn off and turn on bluetooth to get audio back on car speakers. Bluetooth audio from media player does not automatically pick up when connected to car audio, this used to work for my other android one ( Mi A1) phone. 

 I'm not having such issues with BT headphones (can't test in car, sorry). But of course, they offer different functionality, so my experience might not be valid.

Could you try removing car audio as known device, and try adding it again ?

Unfortunately , not having car BT audio makes this my only idea, and I'm not able to help you troubleshooting.

I'm having the same problems with added problem music is playing slower than normal when it is connected and playing through the cars audio system.

I have deleted bluetooth profiles both on the phone and car and tried pairing again, the issue persists. Switching between songs and phone audio is broken. It pauses the player is not able to resume bluetooth audio. 

I turned on always on for the music app and it worked for a while, upgraded to android pie and is now broken again. Do not have app specific always on feature too now. Listening to songs, get a call music never turns back on in car audio. Can someone help fix. This is very irritating, i spend close ~1.5 hrs in my car a day and need my phone and songs via bluetooth. 

https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/phone-by-google/O92F13TUHTc looks like android bug, broken for a lot of people.

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