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android 8.1 update battery failure

i have a Nokia 8 and with the latest update to 8.1 my phone has stopped charging online chat is not very helpful and they want to charge me £70 to send it off for repair even thought its a problem coursed by them i have spoken to several big retailers and they have said this isn't a isolated case. i am very upset by the lack of ownership of the issue by Nokia and lack of support offered.

If you are in the UK then your contract is with whoever sold you the phone and not Nokia, contact the company that sold you it sort it out given it has to still be under warranty.

Sadly i got the phone on eBay so the warrant isn't covered in UK so I'm screwed and Nokia won't help when it's there update that's coursed it

Tech Wizard

The update did not cause the phone to stop charging.

Did you already try some basic troubleshooting steps, like:
- Is the USB socket in the phone clean and undamaged?
- Did you try another USB cable and another charger?

It may take a couple of minutes and a few times plugging/unplugging before charging starts if the battery is completely drained.

£70 handling fee is not unreasonable for a grey import phone in my opinion.


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