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my 6.1 lags

my 6.1 lags after august patch update even i have reset my whole phone but it lags can you please solve this problem in September update

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Yes bro, are you still facing that issue ?
can you please send some optimization in September patch

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Same. Especially on apps like Instagram.

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I have some issues too , it became quite slow after August security patch , i hope android P re-stabilize the system and also the bad camera
It will start lagging eventually....nitin@,,,this Fon has either software issues or hardware issue or both ,the first Generation Nokia 6 has better camera and those who bought 6.1 and it's plus variant the Android one versions know for sure the camera gets worst with updated fons,,like 6.1 plus back camera is worst than that of 6.1 2018,,but if u wanna have better camera experience use the Chinese non Android one nokia 6 camera ,,that camera app it's stable and functions well

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@auki ,does the flagship nokia sirocco has same problem or is it on budget phones only ?

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Flagship sirroco its even worst ,,this 6.1 not everyone has bad experience but majority have laggy issues or random app force closes or 30 seconds non responsive dark screen for wateva Reasons even if ur just running few apps that u get after reset,,, For those who have 8sirroco they have alot of camera sub standard issues ,,even the 7+ has better camera ,,
@Auki you can view my Nokia6.1 Portrait using Google Camera Apk(Keep HDR+Enhanced).I am using Google Camera Apk only for Portrait on Rear,Google Motion and Video Recording 1080p(Working with Nokia 6.1). you can check i am sending link of my portrait
Next time I'm not going to buy nokia , i prefer to save some extra money and buy a oneplus device , your thoughts on that @Auki

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If you bought the sirroco ur probably regretting it ,,the 6.1 lacks two important considerations,, optimisation ND camera app !!!u deal with that this will be a better buy ,,and those two can be done by kernel tweaks and firmware updates ,this Fon continues to have os incremental update with the same old may 22 8.1 update that brought issues ,,,that firmware bundled on 2.22A is the same on 2.22E ,,they shud update the kernel and firmware ,,that's why we have issues on camera and performance miss haros like force closes and 30 seconds or a minute of random dark in responsive screens
Do you think android p gonna fix that issue ? And btw nokia support is telling me that all their devices have 50 to 60 % of ram usage lol
Please buy any other brand that has sense of understanding customer user experience and needs hmd is profit focused they are going the same route as Motorola which is failing ,one plus will be a wise decision !buy one ,,if u have a 5T u will have a better Fon than 8 sirroco camera and everything,,plus it is on sale now for about 350 bucks yet sirroco is about 700 bucks hahaha ,,,I mean even an S9 is at 660 bucks and has better specs than 8 sirroco not to mention features ,me have ordered Poco f1 have already installed twrp ,rooted it and don't regret it it took 5 minutes to root it !!!!
You are right bro , next time no nokia , i had Samsung previously , bad experience everywhere haha , i don't like Samsung , next time moving to OnePlus device 

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