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Accessories for 6.1 plus

What accessories are you going to buy for this phone and from where? I am concern about the smudges and glass back slipping out of the hand. Also is there any need for tempered glass protection?

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I have ordered cover from Amazon (and have it for past two days waiting for the phone).

Will not order tempered glass.

Man, you are completely prepared..your replies on other threads reflect the excitement

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Which case you have ordered, can you please share the name and the seller? i have ordered a 3d tampered glass from flipkart but couldn't find a good quality clear case/

Can anyone recommend case for this phone?

This is basic bumper case at 249. It should be transparent but got it already bit of yellowish. In normal case, will not recommend to buy but if you are desperate, here is the link.
Friends, do not take me wrong. I had replied yesterday itself but for some reason it is not approved yet. Probably due to link. Go to Amazon and seqrch for Nokia 6.1 plus bumper newlike, and what you will be returned with is what I have purchased. Not the best but only available :(
Yes even I have ordered the new like one. For clear case it looks best as of now and in case you are looking for a bit of more protection yet elegance appearance look for SVIMO Nokia 6.1 case silicone case.
These kind of clear cases tend to get yellowish, hard clear she'll cases are better but didn't find any for this phone yet. eBay India used to be a great place for these kind of stuff and prices were reasonable too but now it's been shut.
Hey! Search for CEEGO and JOHRA on Amazon for nokia 6.1 plus the cases are nice & high-quality.
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