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Anybody recieved order shipping mail?

Some guys are saying their order is shipped while Nokia said orders will be shipped from 31st August.

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Yes I have. It has begun. My order # is 14930 and will be delivered by 1st Sep.

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My order is 19000, they may ship it tomorrow or even day after. they are prioritizing first bookings, which is indeed good.

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My order number is 18655, i think they will ship tomorrow....any guess from other guys..?

Yeah most probably tomorrow. or maybe day after tomorrow as Nokia said.

Yeah brother...i also think soo...but it would be great if we will receive early conformation from nokia...

i have a confirmation text stating that the order has been shipped and as per tracking info. it is arriving tomorrow. Indeed surprised since orders were supposed to be shipped from 31st august. i believe looking at the cancellations and flipkart sale tomorrow, this step has been taken

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Yes Prashant I completely agree with you. Hope they ship mine as well. I have changed 6 phones till now and this maybe the longest wait.

Congratulations prashant...i hope i will also get the confirmation mail from nokia...when did you pre ordered it on which date..?

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I ordered on 22 Aug and Order ID is "17269" and got "Your order is on the way" mail today at 8:00 pm. But it doesn't say how to track and from where it is being dispatched. Any idea?

i had preordered the phone on the first day itself i.e., 21st August. have been waiting for this phone since its china launch. Will be swiching from Nexus 6p, so stock android was my priority also didn't want to spend beyond 20k due to earlier bad experiences with flagships and their sky high repair costs
I am also waiting for this phone since it was launched in seems that all the pre order of 21st august get's the confirmation from nokia...anyother who have pre ordered it on 22nd august and receive the confirmation??
I also get the confirmation from nokia mobile and it is arriving on 1st september...
My order no. is 23478. Can anyone tell me the probable date of arrival of my order??

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Hey I dont know one of my colleague got the order shipped Confirmation yesterday evening, if I compare the order no my order in 17xxx but his order ID is 19xxx.i haven't got any confirmation till now even I ordered before him. Only difference is he chose black color and i chose blue color.

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