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Nokia 8 Antivirus Security

Hello, I have a very serious security issue in my Nokia 8 after the update to android 8.1.0, so my antivirus protection closes on a regular basis, and I think it's because of the mobile because I also have a Nexus 5x and it works well. The problem happens with both McAfee and Sophos. Hope you can help me, currently using Sophos that turns off web filtering almost every day.

Tech Wizard

* The so-called antivirus apps is of little use on modern smartphones.

* It's up to the app developers to make their apps Oreo compatible.

* Google's Play Protect and the built-in security features in Android and Google's own apps do more than any third-party app is allowed to do.

Don't waste your time and money on snake oil.


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The programs are compatible with oreo, regarding Google Play Protect, so you do not know what you are talking about, because according to tests, it's worthless for protection. And you have wrong about to have security antivirus program in the mobile, you don't now much about security.
Please read up on Android security. ANY app you install has strong limitations. That INCLUDES AV! Antivirus products are pointless on Android. Android is about other malware. The only way get malware is, if YOU install this or grant too many permissions. AV products can only compare binaries to their database. That's it. And Google is doing that better. AV products might also offer some extra services like remote wipe - but none of which isn't in Android already and Google is doing better. Do your homework.
Do your homework yourself when you do not seem to know much about Mobile Security are you aware that you can get malicious malware when you google ??? You only trick people when you write that Mobile Security is not needed. And Google's protection is completely worthless compared to the Sophos and McAfee type.
You who think you do not need Mobile Security are you aware that in 2018, millions new malicious programs (malware) and potentially unwanted applications (PUA) has been registered.
Users should not rely solely on Google Play Protect with their usual scans on mobile devices. The detection of recent malware and malicious code in week by-week is too mediocre. Each third infected app is undetected as malicious code and may thus constitute devastation.
Yeah sure... I think we're done here... Good luck
It's very stupid that people should criticize the use of Mobile Security, since I need Nokia help for the problem I have, but Nokia seems to not care about this possible bug in Nokia 8.
Nokia doesn't care of what happens here in the forums. Regarding your AV issue try turning off battery optimization for sophos. But i think there's no need for an AV program. It drains resources and battery. Yes there are plenty of viruses around but they won't do any harm to your device if you dont install or give them permissions. If you install apps only through the play store you should be good. And we also get monthly updates from hmd so it should be more than enough.
You do not know what you're talking about, you live in your ignorance who are convinced that Google protects our mobiles, their protection is very bad.

And you sir, seem extraordinarily paranoid.

If you really think I'm paranoid then you have to be unusually stupid and totally ignorant about Mobile Security.

That's rich coming from the person that cant get their mobile security products to work lol

How stupid are you MrBelter? Am I responsible for the Nokia 8 and Mobile Security being bug free?
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