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Can't call anyone even if there is full network reception

Hi, I am using Nokia 7 Plus for around 1.5 months and there was no problem whatsoever in the phone. But just after an update of Phone app in which the Ui of the app has been changed, this problem came. Whenever I call someone, it prompts a popup to enable WiFi Calling feature. Even after enabling this option, it doesn't connect the call. I tried emptying Phone app's cache and clearing the data of the app but it didn't work. Since then, my internet is also not working for that SIM. Surprisingly, when I restart the phone, everything solves for couple of minutes and then after, it goes back to same. I don't understand what update or change made it like this. Please post any solution for this problem to this thread. Thanks.

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I've contacted both my operator and Nokia weeks ago but there still hasn't been an update to fix this problem. This week there was updates named "Phone" and "Operator" and I hoped they would've solved the issue, but nope - still no signal. And I miss a lot of calls too, no one can get through but I don't know about it until afterwards.

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