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Front Camera

I have N7 plus TA-1046 model with Android 8.1.0 Am unable to use selfie camera. When open the camera app it doesn't show the selfie camera button, also not able to use the PIP and Duel Mode too. Is this a software issue or is the hardware issue. This model was purchased from Helsinki Finland...and now am use this in India. Is there any solution on it.

Check to see if you've had an update on the software if you have try removing the update and seeing if that fixes the problem
I had uninstall all updates of camera app, still that selfie OR front camera switching mode / button not appear. Still PIP and Duel Mode not work. If try to take PIP / Duel Mode camera gets hang.
I have the same problem after update
Check for any update or try resetting the settings if that fails then try factory reset. Otherwise wait for the pie update as it will soon hit the devices since the beta program has ended.
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